Helping to Sell Homes More Quickly for More Money

Helping to Sell Homes More Quickly for More Money

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“The site said, “I can’t believe it, but with your help, the house sold in 14 days. Your wonderful ideas and hard work helped us sell the house for more than the list price. My husband and I heartily recommend you to everyone as a home stager that really knows how to do the job.”

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April 17, 2019

Curb appeal: The House

While the weed and feed is sprucing up the lawn (see the April 9, 2019 blog) it’s time to look at the exterior of the house.

 Older homes may have a painted wood exterior and some homes with vinyl siding still have painted wood trim. Assuming there is no rot and nothing is missing, a fresh coat of paint is going to be most appreciated by buyers. Homes with vinyl siding should be clean and mildew free. Homes with stone or brick exteriors may need cleaning if there are signs of leaching on them. They also need to be checked for missing mortar, especially chimneys that run from the ground to above the roof line

While all this checking, cleaning and repairing is being done, be sure to remove all insect and bird nests.

Any signs of termite damage must be treated and repaired. Even old, inactive termite activity can force a homeowner to have a full termite inspection and certification that the home is termite free. I speak from personal experience!

The other big exterior issue is the roof. The average asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of about 20-25 years. If the roof has not been inspected recently it is worth the money to have it looked at to repair loose or missing shingles and to have the flashing around vents and chimney(s) checked and re-caulked. You may learn it is time to replace the roof if is too damaged to repair. Better to learn this so you can take action instead of failing to pass the home inspection before settlement. New roofs are a big selling point for older homes. However if all is in good shape, determine if the roof needs cleaning too… this is more important for light colored shingles which stain more easily if leaves and other debris have gotten wet and stayed on the roof.

 And don’t forget the gutters. They must be firmly attached to the house and connected properly to all down-spouts. Gutter covers are a big plus, but as long as there are no clogs or leaks, they are good to go.

Gutter companies often offer inspection services and tune ups like tightening or replacing missing screws and freshly caulking joints.

More tips:

Shutters should be straight, tight and looking good. Faded shutters should be painted. Ditto for front doors which are often painted the same color as the shutters. Light-colored homes often do well with darker shutters and doors like navy, dark green and black. Dark colored home need lighter accents of white, light gray or light blue.

 Exterior lights need to be working with bright bulbs installed. If the light fixtures are old, rusted, discolored, etc. it is a good idea to install new, more modern or contemporary lights for curb appeal. It is also a good idea to remove holiday lights, unless it is the holiday season. Classic white lights or LED style lighting will highlight your homes’ exterior features. But don’t had lighting to bushes and trees, and no inflatables or other lighted décor except possibly some decorated pots on either side of the front door.

 Porches and decks should be in good shape, clean and uncluttered.  Rotted boards will not pass inspection. Loose boards should be screwed down. Power-washing, staining and painting will also make a good impression. A few chairs with outdoor pillows and a few small tables with greenery and/or candles should suffice. Grills and other deck accessories should be free of debris and sheathed with newer covers. Be sure to let buyers know if the grill or other items are included in the sale price.


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