Helping to Sell Homes More Quickly for More Money

Helping to Sell Homes More Quickly for More Money

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Lisa Gagnon

Lisa Gagnon, one of the East Coast’s top staging consultants, specializes in helping realtors and homeowners sell houses more quickly for more money in and around Annapolis, MD and Washington, D.C.

Lisa is the region’s only staging consultant whose experience includes decorating, renovating and moving U.S. Senate offices. During her 26 year stint working on Capitol Hill, she gained invaluable interior design, project management, space planning, organization, and other skills that her clients benefit from today.

Lisa excels at advising and partnering with real estate agents and residential clients. She helps realtors serve and communicate more effectively with their clients. And she assists homeowners with updating, decluttering, organizing and taking other steps to prepare their properties for sale.

“I consider everything about the house when I advise my clients,” Lisa says. “I want the potential buyer to walk in and find the space free of clutter, well maintained and move-in ready.”

Lisa’s rise to the top of the region’s home staging industry is all the more remarkable considering that she had no early formal training in it. But she sold four homes as she managed several moves by her family, and she took on several office design responsibilities while serving as an administrative director in Washington.

She later joined the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, one of the industry’s foremost and longest-established organizations. She earned her Accredited Staging Professional designation after taking intensive training.

Lisa and her family have resided in Maryland for 30 years, and in Annapolis for about 20 years. During that time she’s gained considerable insight about the region’s real estate trends. She has staged and help sell homes in such area communities as Park Place, Eastport and South River.

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